Program Policies


The CoderDojoDSM program is for children age 8-18 and a parent or guardian must remain on-site at the Dojo session during all times with any child age 13 or below.


When unacceptable or negative behavior occurs, staff and volunteers will attempt to redirect the child Positive verbal communication along with time given to correct the behavior, shall accompany the redirection. On occasions when redirection is unsuccessful in resolving negative behavior, the child’s parent/guardian will be notified and the student will be removed from the activity or program for an appropriate time to be determined by staff. Unacceptable or negative behavior is defined as a child who: uses physical force against others, misuses equipment or associated property, is unable to maintain control, uses inappropriate language, or behaves in a disrespectful manner to other youth or adults.


Photos may be taken at the Dojo and those photos may be used in promotional and marketing materials by Tech Journey, Inc., and/or its affiliates.


In consideration of your child being allowed to participate in the CoderDojoDSM program, you acknowledge, fully understand, and willingly agree that some activities carry inherent risks. You knowingly and voluntarily assume all risk, both known and unknown, even risk from the negligent acts or omissions of others, and assume full responsibility for your child’s participation. You waive any and all claims against and fully release from liability Tech Journey, Inc. and its affiliates, for any damages, claims, injuries, losses, or lawsuits resulting from your child’s participation in registered activities. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tech Journey, Inc., including its leadership, staff and volunteers, from any harm or damages that may occur directly or indirectly by your child’s participation.