How old does my student need to be to attend CoderDojoDSM?

Students age 9 and above are welcome. All students under age 13 must be accompanied by a parent during the Dojo.

What does it cost to attend CoderDojoDSM?

Attending a Dojo is free thanks to our volunteers, sponsors and the international CoderDojo community.

When and how long are the Dojos?

Dojos are two hours from 10:00 AM to noon on the third Saturday of the month.

Do I need to stay with my student at the Dojo?

All students under age 13 must have an adult present during the Dojo. We encourage all parents and caregivers to sit and learn with their student.

Do we need to bring anything?

Yes, bring a positive attitude, willingness to learn and desire to have fun. Students are also welcome to bring a laptop if he/she has access to one. We have a limited number of laptops that can be reserved when registering.

Do students need prior knowledge or experience to attend?

No prior knowledge or skill is necessary. Any student can learn to code.

My student has done lots of coding so will he/she still benefit from attending?

Yes. Many mentors are experienced technology professionals with advanced skills and understanding of more difficult concepts. Your student will benefit working with these mentors and talking through more advanced concepts or complex problems.

What should I do if I need to cancel my registration?

Please contact us should you need to cancel a registration.

Do I need to register my student to attend a Dojo?

Yes. Registration helps us plan and deliver the best Dojo experience for the students. Room capacity and limited supply of equipment are two factors that may require us to turn away a non-registered student.