Try a tutorial designed for new, young coders. We recommend Angry Birds, Minecraft, Moana, Star Wars or Dance Party.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to do something STEM related for a career. However I never really knew exactly what that would be until Tech Camp. Tech Camp let me learn a lot about other career choices within STEM and technology specifically. It introduced me to great things like Arduino and programming and it led me to pick my choice of Computer Science. Without Tech Camp it would have been much harder to pick what I want to do in College, but it made it much easier to pick what to do.

Josue A.Des Moines East High School

Tech camp played a large role in my decisions for after graduation. I had very little understanding of computer science and how it connects to my daily life. I was always intrigued by how coding created games and websites I frequented and when I learned more about it in tech camp It inspired me. The tech camp projects and lessons showed me a path I didn’t know I could take, and showed me I can be a game developer. I know it won’t be easy but tech camp gave me a network of intellectuals that can help me figure out how to accomplish my goals.

Makhani S.Des Moines North High School

Before Tech Camp, I enjoyed working with computer programs, learning about new apps and how much the world of technology continues to grow. Once I began my journey at Tech Camp, I realized there was so much more to the world of tech that I would have never known about. During my final year at Tech Camp, we were tasked to create color-changing lights that could withstand harsh weather while also being easy to use. This was a difficult task, but it was enjoyable as I got to experiment with the coding and how to place the wires to get to something that would work. Overall, this process exposed me to the reality that there are many ways to contribute to making things more accessible through technology.

Roxana B.Des Moines North High School

To be honest, before tech camp I had a slight interest in technology but when I attended Tech Camp it expanded my horizon into the field of tech. It exposed me to the different types of careers and allowed me to get an experience within them to see which ones I like the best. I personally enjoyed coding, robotics, and graphic design. But it also showed me cybersecurity where I learned about the different processes that go into protecting data and people from malicious attacks. I can confidently say that Tech Camp has definitely influenced my plans after graduation by showing me these aspects of technology.

Tu T.Herbert Hoover High School