Opening Session

9:00 to 10:30am, Room 148

This general session for all participants includes a welcome to Tech Camp 2022, introductions, a keynote address and an overview of this year’s camp experience.
Welcome by Martina Schubert on behalf of the Tech Journey Board of Directors
Keynote by Tracy Jon Sargeant, Founder and Executive Director of the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa and Security Engineer at Check Point


10:30 to 12:00pm, Room 148

Students new to Tech Camp in 2022 will attend an orientation to learn more about Tech Journey and what it means to be a student of the Tech Camp program.
Facilitated by Tim Sieber, Executive Director at Tech Journey

Tech Careers

10:30am to 12:00pm, Fellowship Hall/Cafeteria

Returning students will get an overview of the current landscape regarding technology careers and hear from a panelist of local technology professionals on their personal journeys with technology.
Facilitated by Matthew McDonald, Director of Talent Acquisition at Athene
Panelists Danielle Brommer at Lean TECHniques, Nate Hicks and Kaira Moyer at LenderClose and Shivani Kharbanda at John Deere


12:00 to 1:00pm, Fellowship Hall/Cafeteria

Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches or nuggets

Technology Sessions

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Check your registration packet for your specific session assignment.

3D Mechanical Modeling, Room 143
Planning designs before production
This session will introduce students to computer-aided design (CAD) with Onshape, an online product development platform that enables collaboration and focus on the design phase of the engineering process. Students will design and work with parts, assemblies, drawings and import files.
Facilitated by Jordan Boerger, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group

Agile Manifesto & Project, Room 147
Use Agile to complete a real application
Students in the Maker Camp segment will use agile methods to pilot a hardware solution and develop a web-based app for controlling multi-colored LED lamps to be installed at each Franklin Jr. High public entrance. The intended result is for the app to control different colors displayed at each entrance and help improve traffic flow.
Facilitated by Joe Ollendick, Chief Technology Officer at International Association of Better Business Bureaus, and John Davidson, Sr. Principal Systems Engineer at Collins Aerospace

Cloud Computing, Room 149
What is cloud computing and what is it used for?
In this session, students will receive an overview of cloud computing including its importance, use, implementation platforms and examples from today’s digital society. Students will walk through a few hands-on exercises demonstrating how cloud computing can be applied.
Facilitated by Anthony Lopez, Software Engineer at John Deere Financial

Intro to Git/GitHub, Room 148
Git: The standard enabler of software development
A foundation session for new, incoming students, this session will introduce students to GitHub so they will learn the basics of Git and use this tool throughout their Tech Camp tenure. Students will learn GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and pull requests. Students will create their own repository and learn GitHub’s Pull Request workflow to create and review code.
Facilitated by Ethan Spoelstra, DevOps & Infrastructure Engineer at Lean TECHniques

Wordle and Beyond, Room 145
The math and programming behind today’s trendiest word game
Wordle, a simple browser-based word game, exploded in popularity in 2021. Copycat games abound, applying the same type of gameplay to math equations, music, and more. Numerous offshoot word games have gained in popularity as well, including Semantle. Although it has the same secret-word format as Wordle, Semantle differs by allowing you to guess a word, then telling you how similar in meaning your guess is to the secret word. How does Semantle know how “close” two words are in meaning? In this session, we will go behind the scenes to learn the math and programming underlying how these two popular games work.
Facilitated by Dr. Ross Sweet, Assistant Professor at Simpson College


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